February 6, 2014

Project Ideas for the Google Summer of Code 2014

Red has been ramping up its recruiting efforts in 2014.  So far in January, we've done very well with our open-source recruitment campaign on StackOverflow.  Now in February, we are throwing our hat into the ring to be a mentoring organization for Google's Summer of Code:

If you haven't heard about Summer of Code, it pairs college students with mentors who represent an open source project.  The students work remotely and are paid a stipend... and they are expected to complete a measurable goal in the 3 months that they have.  There's an opportunity to start getting involved before the summer, and hopefully the students will have a good experience and stay involved after the summer ends!

Though Nenad will be too busy in the new Beijing Red headquarters :-) to mentor, several members of the Red team have stepped up to volunteer if we are selected.  There is of course around-the-clock support in the [Rebol and Red] chat room, but Google needs commitments from specific people to fill out paperwork and reviews.  As the project "admin" Nenad should only have to be consulted if there was a disagreement between the student and the mentor (which would not happen!)  Of course he would be reviewing any pull request, as with any other code submission.

Google says the best project ideas come from students, which sounds like a good idea.  Still, they require a "starter list" of example projects to originate from the potential mentoring organizations.  So here is the one we came up with...

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