January 15, 2015

Dream big, work hard and make it happen!

Today is a big day for the Red team and all the Red followers.

After four years of hard work on building our dream tool, I announce today the creation of a new company, Fullstack Technologies. The company has raised $500,000 from InnovationWorks and GeekFounders, Chinese VC early-stage investors. This money will help us fuel the launch of Red this year, and spread it everywhere, especially in the mobile market. The mission of Fullstack Technologies is to provide to individual developers and corporations, a simpler and much more productive software creation solution, reducing drastically both costs and development time.

The company has its headquarters in Zhongguancun, Beijing (Chinese's "Silicon Valley"). I am CEO now (once more) and Xie Qingtian (qtxie) is joining the company as tech lead. We plan to recruit more people in the next months.

I want to use this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to all the people in the community who have helped me, contributed to Red and supported my work with donations since the beginning. I simply could not have made it so far without you.

Also, even if the funding needs are now covered, the Red community still has a major role to play in helping us build the best possible tool and spreading it. Fullstack Technologies intends to work closely with the community, by providing some contracted jobs, bounties and sponsoring for helping spread Red locally.

People who follow closely my work on Red know that I have a strong vision and big ambitions for it, now I have the means to make all that happen! This journey is getting even more exciting. :-)

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