Here are the main milestones:

  • v0.7   : Full I/O with async support.
  • v1.0b : (beta) completed self-hosted Red with 64-bit support.
  • v1.0r  : (release) first official stable and complete Red/Core language release.
  • v1.1   : View 64-bit release.
  • v1.2   : Android backend and toolchain release.
  • v1.3   : Red/C3 release.
  • v1.4   : Web backend for View release.
  • v2.0   : Red JIT-compiler release.
  • v3.0   : Red/...


The 0.7 should be the last big milestone for the 32-bit Red version and current toolchain and we will be working on that first.

For reaching the 1.0-beta milestone, we target 12 months of intensive work, so that will bring us to Q3 2023.

The currently planned beta period for 1.0 is 2-3 months. We want a polished, rock-solid, production-ready 1.0 release.

For the 1.1, we will probably make some (needed) improvements to View engine architecture and backends.

For Red/C3, as the Ethereum network is transitioning to 2.0 and a new EVM, we need the WASM backend in order to support it.

Version 1.4 will bring a proper web runtime environment to the WASM backend, including GUI support.

The 2.0 will be focused on bringing a proper JIT-compiler to Red runtime, that should radically improve code execution of critical parts without having to drop to R/S.

Version 3.0 is already planned, but I will announce that once 1.0 will be released. ;-)

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