May 31, 2011

Short look on last three months

Three months have passed since Red has gone public. It seems short, but a lot happened since then and I wanted to sum up the work accomplished for the people interested in Red that don't have the time to follow the progress daily on every channel.

  • Red/System is implemented at 98%
  • ~2600 unit tests were created (thanks to Peter WA Wood)
  • Red/System language specification draft added, now close to 95% of completion
  • Code base almost doubled: 60KB to 110KB (~3200 LOC)
  • 164 commits on Github, 44 by contributors
  • 4600+ page views on Github's Red repository

Main new features
  • New datatypes: byte!, logic!, pointer!
  • Linux port (thanks to Andreas Bolka)
  • Syllable port (thanks to Andreas and Kaj)
  • MacOS X port in progress

  • 0MQ library support (Kaj de Vos)
  • Quick-Test framework (Peter WA Wood)
  • 3 contributors on Github, 22 followers
  • 65 issues opened on Github, 53 closed (thanks to Rudolf Meijer)
  • 8 blog posts, 10'000+ page views
  • #red_lang: 130 tweets, 39 followers
  • Mailing-list: 32 members, 45 topics, 150 posts
  • IRC: 5 people permanently logged

Last but not least, we got an article on OSNews two days ago that boosted the page views on (+3'000) and Github's repo (+1'000).

Thanks for all people supporting Red, one way or another. This is a very good start and a big incentive for me to work even harder on the next steps.


  1. thank you for the post! keep up the work!

  2. It's almost too good to be true. Great job.

  3. And also...

    #red_chronicle : 114 tweets, 20 followers
    #redlang_france : 233 tweets, 14 followers

    9 messages on

    First presentation at ReBorCon 2011 (february)
    First french user group in Lille at Cht'i RUG 2011 (may)

    2 articles on Oliver's blog ( about Red. Olivier is the french writter of REBOL's programming books


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