September 21, 2011

Red/System v0.2.2 released

This release is mainly a bugfix release that solves several old issues. It is also now correctly synchronized with all the current bindings done for Red/System. The main changes are:
  • Internal compiler refactoring of: expressions compilation, type casting and ANY/ALL support.
  • Greatly improved runtime error reporting: now it reports both source line number and source file name where the error occured. It works in debug mode only (-g command-line option).
  • Aliased struct names can now be tested separately in typed (RTTI) functions.
  • Callback function attribute removed. It is no more needed and any function can now be used as a callback. In addition a new cdecl attribute is now accepted to allow the switch to C calling convention, when passing a function as argument to an imported C function.
  • 21 issue reports closed.
  • More than 2000 new unit tests were added (mostly generated using scripts wrote by Peter WA Wood) for a total of now 8613 tests.


  1. I'm looking forward to RED Beta! - Luke

  2. Hiya,

    Any chance of having precompiled binaries available for the 3 platforms?

    It would be nice to test builds on 'non-development' machines (I have compilers at work, but I don't install them on 'home' machines).

  3. Having precompiled binaries is possible. It would require to set up an automated building tool chain. It can be done easily, we just need to find some free time for that.

    BTW, for running the current Red/System compiler, you don't need to "install" anything. You just need to download the latest Red sources archive and drop a REBOL interpreter (one file) in the red-system/ folder to be able to compile Red/System programs.

  4. Hi Nenad,
    could there be possible timeline given as to when red gui capabilities will be available, im looking at atleast rebol 2.7.6 level capability,
    also is there anyways a very newbie programmer like me can help out?

  5. just read you community page again, ill figure out a way to help out in some time, first i guess i need better hands on in rebol

  6. Allan, there is no plan in Red project to build a cross-platform GUI framework similar to REBOL/View (unless contributed by a third-party developer).

    Instead, we'll build a fine layer above each OS native GUI framework (like SWT does) and provide a VID-like dialect on top of it.

    The GUI framework is a mid-term/long-term project that should start with the first release of the Red IDE in a couple of months.


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