October 23, 2018

Mini RedCon'18

Hello REDucers! Our mission to fight software complexity is going to be showcased alongside Ethereum's Devcon IV in Prague. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by Redcon!

What's Redcon about?

Redcon is for anyone interested in open-source, full-stack, domain-specific languages built using Red Language or any of its dialects. We'll be having a casual meetup-style event, with food and adult beverages.

Who will be there?

Red's designer, Nenad Rakocevic, will discuss the language and its capabilities. A Q&A session, presentations and demos are also on the agenda. Also present will be Gregg Irwin, leading governance and language design for the Red Foundation. Other core contributors to Red (The Team Red Irregulars) are coming too.

What will we discuss?

  • Red/C3, Red's domain-specific language for making Ethereum's smart contracts safer and simpler
  • The latest version of Red Wallet
  • How Red's DSLs build fantastic Dapps
  • World domination (or, "How to take over the world!" for fans of Pinky and The Brain)

What do we get?

  • Treats and goodies
  • Food & drinks
  • Raffle prizes from Leatherman, PacSafe, Travelon, and Victorinox
  • Input on Red tooling and features
  • Join and enjoy the awesome Red community

Where and when?

  • November 3, 2018, from 11am - 5pm (with informal pub time after)
  • Hotel Olšanka, Praha 3, Táboritská 23/1000, PSC (ZIP) 13000.
  • https://www.hotelolsanka.cz/

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