December 4, 2019

November 2019 in Review

Welcome to December, friends of Red. It's an intent and focused time of year as we wind down 2019, and the core team is making important moves (sometimes literally!) to set us up for an ambitious 2020. But first, here are just a few things that happened in November.
  • First and foremost, it's always great when community members help compile resources for use by others, and we'd like to acknowledge @rebolek for his excellent compendium of historic automatic builds: (they weren't available for a hot minute, but now they're back). They can be useful if you're in need of a previous version for a specific project. Of course, you can always go here for Red's daily automated builds. But seeing as how we've a goal of being a self-sustaining, self-selecting group of do-ers, this spirit of providing collective resources is perfectly aligned with the Red-Lang we always want to be. 
  • From the community, to outreach: thanks to community member @loziniak, Red is now on Stackshare, so be sure to follow us there and chime in. As a repo with 4.1k GitHub stars (and infinite possibilities), Red has a lot to offer the wider community of developers and engineers, and Stackshare is a great place to help compare and contrast us with other languages. 
  • Now, a challenge! In the coming new year we'll be needing beta testers willing to lend their expertise in refining a new product built with Red. You read that right! If you think you'd like to be one of the contributors to spearhead a move into our next phase, we want YOU! Drop a line to @greggirwin to get in on the ground floor.
  • An appreciation to @hiiamboris for his deeply thought out proposal regarding "series evolution," a framework for standardizing and testing the functions we use in Red for manipulating series. Design is hard, and we have a number of initiatives in the works taking a lot of brain power right now.
  • Over 60 commits were made to Red's GTK branch in November, making it almost ready for "prime time." The product of a lot of work by a fair handful of the core team, heavy lifter @bitbegin says that merging to master branch is possibly the next step.
  • And, to close, a bit of a tease: Watch this space for some snazzy website changes coming soon.
All the warmest wishes for the upcoming holidays, from the Red family to yours. <3


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