January 9, 2018

RED: here we go!

After long weeks of hard work, we are finally ready and happy to announce the opening of the token sales! We had to rename the token to RED (all caps), as an RCT token was deployed by another project a few days ago. Its purpose is still unchanged: powering the decentralized apps and Red community tokenomics!

This process will be held starting from January 8th to January 31st 2018, in three stages:
  Private Angel Investors       : Jan  8th - Jan 11th
  Early Bird round              : Jan 12th - Jan 15th
  Open round                    : Jan 16th - Jan 31th
The total fixed supply of RED tokens is 200,000,000. The allocations are:
  Private investors             : 10% (20,000,000) with a 3 months lockup period.
  ICO (earlybird + open rounds) : 30% (60,000,000)
  Red team                      : 15% (30,000,000) with a 12 months lockup period.
  Red Foundation                : 35% (70,000,000)
  Marketing/Strategic           : 10% (20,000,000)
Exchange ratios with Ethers (ETH) are set as:
  Private Investors             : 1 ETH => 3400 RED
  Early Birds                   : 1 ETH => 2750 RED
  Open round                    : 1 ETH => 2500 RED
Only Ethers are accepted, with a minimum of 1 ETH. Private angel investors also benefit from a 20% unlocking at the closing date of the token sales process.

In order to participate, you will need to go through an online registration process (KYC), and provide the required credentials. Citizens of countries that have banned or posed heavy regulations on such token sales are not allowed to participate.

For more information about the token sales:

This is the culminating point of many months of hard work and preparation. Many thanks to the teams and partners who have worked over the clock to make this happen. This is the dawn of new era for Red and its community of contributors, users and followers. Help us make it happen now!



  1. At some moments I think it would be funny to buy all your tokens.

    At other moments, eh.

    Good luck guys. Except you signed your death warrant a while ago.

  2. Fantastic announcement! Congratulations! Looking forward to the first release of Red/C3.

  3. Please consider accepting driver's license as valid ID...

  4. So, is says: process will be held starting from January 8th to January 31st 2018, in three stages: - does this mean we have to register and purchase within this timeframe. How does one determine what type of investor to be ? i.e. Private or Early bird or Open round.

    1. If you want to be a private investor, contact the customer team via ico at red-lang dot org.

      As I understand, every person who passed KYC registration process can participate in Early bird and Open rounds.

  5. Can you elaborate all this process, advantages, disavantages in a video?
    Or where I did begin to understand what are you doing? what this will mean for red language?


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