January 16, 2018

RED Token Sale Success!

Dear RED supporters,

We did it!

I’d like to thank you, and the entire Red community, for supporting us throughout this token sale process. We know that you've waited patiently for new features and releases while we worked on it. We’re thrilled that so many of you are excited about using Red, the upcoming tools we'll build together, and using RED tokens in the community. Blockchain based "tokenomics" is a new and exciting world of possibilities that we can help create, together.

In the past month, since RED’s debut, there has been overwhelming interest in our token sale. We deeply appreciate that support, from all parts of the world.

We can now confidently embark on the next steps in Red's development, thanks to each and every one of you. The establishment of the Red Foundation and the development of Red/C3 are top priorities, but this doesn't mean all the other work stops. The success of the RED token sale means we can redouble our efforts, moving forward in greater strides, knowing we're on solid ground. Your support means more opportunities for the Red community to contribute and be properly acknowledged. Yes, we have a lot of work and planning to do, but we have a strong, clear vision and deep desire to see it through. The wheels are already in motion and I look forward to letting you know each time we complete a major milestone.

We are so grateful, more than we can say, to have such a supportive (and growing) community around us. On behalf of the entire RED team, I want to share our appreciation for you all, and I personally want to thank each of you for loving and believing in Red.

To Red's future, our future!


  1. Congratulation guys! Looking forward to the next chapter in the Red ecosystem developments!

  2. We are grateful that Red is furthering the vision started by Carl, and expanding upon it! I personally am also grateful that Red is making strides to help in smart contracts and cryptocurrencies. I am personally looking forward to how awesome Red is going to be in the near future!

  3. I'm curious about the RED token, which I assume is this one...


    as it doesn't appear to be new. Is that the one?

    1. No it's not. That one has its own custom blockchain. Our RED token is a standard ERC20 token on Ethereum network.

    2. Nenad I am confused over this crypto coin stuff. Does this mean I have to buy it to use red in the future or has this been done to raise project funds?

  4. Go on red team!

  5. Doc,

    So happy for you all. As I live in one of those caves I'm not sure about all that is going on but I look forward to your great success.



  6. If I wrote a program in Red IDE then could that program be released in the gpl license?
    Or that program will be in bsd licence.
    Please answer.
    Sorry for my bad english

  7. You are free to licence your code in anyway you want if you are distributing only the source code.

    If you are distributing executables then you just need to make sure that there is no conflict between the licence you choose and the Boost Software Licence of the Red Runtime which will be included in the executable.

  8. Congratulations on RED ICO success.

    I like this Isaac Newton quote (who knows if any 'quote' is true) that seems to be/(apply to) the REBOL/RED philosophy : "Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things."

    Sounds like red/core/belief to me.

  9. Do you think there will be a 2nd offering?


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